Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

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Tired of constantly getting cat litter stuck under your feetwhen the cat is dragging it all over the house?Our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat is here to solve that problem!

Thanks to the uniquedouble-layered honeycomb design. itcollects80% more litter than normal. barely-there mats that catch minimal litter.

100% ECO-friendly. Odor-resistant & BPA-free - Say Goodbye To Endless Cat Litter Everywhere!

Thedouble-layer structurehas a waterproof non-slip bottomthatkeeps liquids like water and urine from soaking through.

The honeycomb designed upper layer will catch the litter falling off your cat's pawsand will then fall through to the second layer instead of being kicked and spread around the room. allowing you to easily dump it back into the litter box for re-use.

Thewaterproof material keeps your floor dry at all times. and thanks to the unique laminated material it causes noodors from urine.

''I'vetrieda lot of litter mats but this one is by far the best one I've had! It's soft on my cat's paws and it collects all the litter! I used to have to sweep scattered litter all the time but not anymore since using this mat.'' - SusanHodgson

  • Advanced Eco-Friendly Materials. Super soft & light EVA materials that are non-toxic. gentle. and safe for sensitive cat paws
  • Super Easy to Clean. Dump the collected litter easily back into the litter box. Wash the mat with running water or use a vacuum
  • Water/Urineproof.The mat doesn't allow any kind of liquid to soak through the bottom layer. saving your floor and leaves no odors
  • Non-slipbase layer. Keeps the mat in placethrough all the in and out that your furry friend does throughout the day
  • Durable materials.Tough washable materials that don't easily tear up
  • Available in 4 different sizes. Fits all cats and homes
  • Not sold in stores. We ship worldwide.
Leo's Paw Waterproof Litter Mat


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